(Founder & Chief Change Angel)

From starting work as an employee at the tender age of 17 to franchisee in a multi-million dollar, multi-store franchised quick service restaurant, Michael spent his life working for money. He thought hard work and success was a solid plan for positive financial future. How wrong could his belief and him be?? Michael had to loose nearly everything in his life to realize working hard and being successful won’t magically result in Financial Freedom for him and his family.

With more then 18 years experience in Hospitality and a graduate with a Bachelors of Hospitality Management from E.C.U. Michael has expertise in events management in which he worked overseeing the functions department at the biggest water-based club in the Southern Hemisphere. Michael handled operations and managed a strong team of 50+employees. By the time he resigned to start his own franchisee business, he had handled more than 6,000 events and functions over his 11 year career. Michael decided to be his own boss and join a small, but potentially great, franchise.

Michael was the second franchisee, and over the next four years, the company grew to 16 stores across Western Australia. Michael and his wife owned two of these stores. Both worked hard in and on their business and was rewarded with both stores always being in the top three across the whole franchisee network. “As a franchise owner, they sell you the dream of being your own boss. But in reality you aren’t.” In 2014 tragedy struck, and the franchisor was put under voluntary administration. Michael and his wife lost both stores, their income and their investment. Going from being on top to nearly losing everything, starting over again without closure and living through the financial mess left Michael questioning his self worth. “It’s been hard moving forward, but without this pain and fall, I wouldn’t have made one very important realization.”

“I didn’t understand how MONEY truly worked.”

Fast forward to now. Michael has found his new passion and calling: to help others create Financial Freedom. Coaching, support, guidance and helping is within his nature and talents, and he wants to share this with the world. “When you’re knocked down, there’s only one way you can go, and that’s up. If you’re honest with yourself and those around you, you’ll succeed. It’s all in your mindset, your plan and how you take action.” As the Founder of Money Knowledge, Michael is in a position to help other people achieve financial freedom and put an end to money stress. His end goal is to make school aged students learn and understand about money. The importance of saving and living within your means, something that is sorely missed in School.